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"Farming for Our Future"

Membership is open to anyone who wishes to join, but is NOT nesseccary for access and use of this website. All services and data on our website is provide free to everyone.

Become a CFIG Member

The CFIG is a non-profit organisation run by farmers for farmers. Your membership helps to cover the running costs of the group and allows us to invest in the local community. Since we started we have purchased a ripper mounder, 2 tree planters and a weigh trailer, which we hire to local farmers. This allows you to use a machine that you couldn't justify buying for yourself. Membership entitles you to a large discount on the hire of any of these machines, and in fact the discount on one days' hire would easily pay for a whole years membership!

We have also run many field walks (normally three times a year), and run special events such as an AgChem Day and helped the Kondinin Group run their Boomspray day in Corrigin.

So why not join up today! and show your support to an already strong local farm improvement group.


CFIG Membership        $110.00    Inc. GST


To join , send an email to our Executive Officer with your name, address and contact details: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.