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"Farming for Our Future"

The Corrigin Farm Improvement Group is a grower driven group that aims to provide local agricultural businesses with information on production, environmental and economic sustainability, through trials, field walks and seminars relevant to Corrigin and surrounding areas.

Our Vision is to provide the latest information to agricultural businesses in the local community by conducting appropriate local research and events to enhance our social and economic well-being.

 When we started, 35 years ago, we drew up our constitution which included our objectives. These have held up well over the years and so are listed below 

  • To deliver relevant localised agricultural research trials in cooperation with government and private researchers.
  • To communicate relevant research and industry information to members.
  • To provide an opportunity for members to learn from each other through the delivery of relevant extension activities (i.e. discussion groups, field walks, bus tours, etc).
 From these we have build a strong foundation on which the CFIG has been based. Some of the things we have achieved over the last 35 years are:
  • Our three annual field walks: pasture, winter and spring
  • Annual Trials Update
  • Lupin Pod to Bin Day
  • Purchase of 2 tree planters for hire
  • Purchase or a ripper mounder for hire
  • Design and purchase of a weigh trailer for hire
  • Three Agchem field days
  • And numerous seminars, special field days and workshops
So have a look and see what the Corrigin Farm Improvement Group has to offer you.